Fill ‘er up with a new deck this year. What does the price of gas have to do with your new deck?

Archadeck of Central Maryland AZEK deck

This deck by Archadeck of Central Maryland is constructed from AZEK, a composite decking material that looks lovely against the backdrop of autumn leaves.

You can probably feel the sting in your wallet every time you visit the pump to fill up. With the ever-increasing price of gas, many aspects within our economy can be affected. Gasoline is derived from crude oil, which is a commodity, and like many other commodities when demand is on the rise, the price goes up. Everything from hand lotion, to dish washing detergents and even frozen foods are made using derivatives of crude oil in one form or another, and when the demand from crude oil rises, so do the prices we pay for these everyday items.


This composite deck with pergola by Archadeck of Maryland, is just one example of the many outdoor structures we can have ready for you by spring.

One aspect that is affected by the rising price of crude oil, is composite decking materials. One major component that goes into creating composite decking is plastic and plastic is a bi-product of refining crude oil . The plastic is costing the composite manufacturers more so the composite prices will increase. Throughout the year the trend in rising crude oil prices fluctuates and intermittent pricing of materials that are derived from crude oil will be affected, however through past price hikes we have seen a trend in crude oil prices experiencing a brisk rise during the month of December in recent years. There is always an increase in composite deck materials which occurs twice a year. The increases are generally seen in December and during the mid-summer months.  This means that deciding to go ahead and build that deck or outdoor structure you have had on hold now may save you quite a bit of green in the long run. Aside from the avoidance of rising composite prices, there are many other reasons why building your outdoor structure now, rather than later can benefit you greatly.

An outdoor oasis by Archadeck of Maryland

An outdoor oasis by Archadeck of Maryland

Not only will you avoid the long lines and waiting periods that usually accompany Spring construction, your structure will actually be ready for you and your family to use and enjoy in the Spring. You can enjoy the first blooms of spring from your deck or outdoor structure instead of saying, ” I wish we already had our outdoor structure up and running”. There are also  fewer winter weather delays now than in the months of January and February. The cooler weather conditions also means the crews can work longer hours because of the absence of the summer heat which can sometimes create a longer than expected building deadline to occur if weather conditions are too hot and require more hydration breaks for the workers.

GuardDeck Guardian Elite decking Maryland

GuardDeck Guardian Elite composite decking by Archadeck of Maryland

Another key aspect of choosing to build now is there is less damage caused to your turf and landscaping when materials and construction crews are upon it. Most plants and turf are dormant during the late fall and winter months which helps protect them from damage that may occur from construction, as well as cooler temperatures creating a firmer ground to work on with less risk of turf damage.  Archadeck of Montgomery County  also encourages homeowners to consider building now because of the savings that can be accrued by just the concrete aspect of your outdoor structure.  During the cooler months concrete is being poured below the frost line which means you can use cold water concrete and this can be poured down into the lower single digit temperatures, and financially this comes out to a great deal for the homeowner.

Composite deck by Archadeck

This deck by Archadeck shows the beauty that can be yours with a composite deck.

If you are yearning and dreaming of a new deck, patio or other outdoor structure choosing to build now can mean a big difference in the savings, and in having your structure sooner than you could’ve imagined by avoiding the spring backlogs. Even choosing to wait until April or May to begin construction could put you into mid-summer having your structure completed. Right now Archadeck of Montgomery County is offering up to $2,500 off your project if you sign up before the end of 2011. Our offer gives you 10% off with a cap of $2,500, contact us for details.

John Barrett Archadeck of MarylandDon’t wait any longer, wouldn’t the perfect outdoor structure be the perfect holiday gift for yourself and your family? Contact us today to get in on the savings, from the gas pump to your backyard. (301) 926 – 3001 or

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Custom pergola design choices. Form, sun, color, budget.

Fiberon deck with vinyl pergola

This composite deck is breathtaking when accented by this vinyl pergola.

Not many outdoor structures have the ability to make as much of a statement as the pergola does. Whether it is paired with a deck, a patio or used as a freestanding structure within the landscape the pergola commands attention with its beauty as well as the individuality it can express through the choices in unique designs and range of  materials it can be constructed with as well as with how you may use it as a decorative piece.

Wood pergola with trellis header detail

This wooden pergola has stunning trellis header details, and adds style to this patio.

When the pergola is used as a secondary structure to accent a deck or patio it is not only aesthetically appealing it can serve many purposes from a standpoint of practicality. Pergolas can offer a shady retreat during a warm day. Many pergolas offer a modest amount of shade within the structure itself and can also be outfitted with an awning to provide even more protection from the sun.  By increasing the number of, and spacing between the joists of the pergola you can increase the amount of shade within the structure itself. Taller joists also provide more protection when the sun is high in the sky. By adding lathing or lattice to the top of the pergola you can also provide a perfect place for many beautiful climbing perennials and annuals. Last but not least, the pergola makes a perfect spot to add a swing or bench. Ample seating within your pergola can turn this structure into a place of refuge and relaxation and will create an intimate spot to cozy up with a good book and spend the afternoon.

Corner pergola with swing

This corner pergola with swing serves as additional seating for this deck and creates an intimate spot to relax.

In terms of the material choices that are available for use when constructing your pergola, vinyl and wood are the most readily used. Vinyl is a bit more expensive than wood, but in terms of maintenance, the costs are well worth it. Vinyl will not weather like wood and you don’t have to worry about sealing or painting it. Right now, if you pick up any home and garden magazine you will most likely notice that a white pergola is a popular choice among homeowners.  Detailed corners and decorative cuts can make your pergola a work of art. Archadeck of Maryland can use diagonal cuts to make the pergolas line’s more complex, as well as using decorative cuts on the ends such as an ogee cut. Gone are the days of a straight-laced pergola, the design choices and shapes are very creative in terms of what you can do and what you can add to your pergolaPergolas indeed are a stunning structure, and if you plan your structure wisely it can also add a lot of value to your primary outdoor structures as well as your landscape as a whole.


Composite deck with pergola by Archadeck of Maryland

Creating an outdoor oasis with primary and secondary outdoor structures, such as a custom deck and pergola combination by Archadeck of Maryland is easy on any budget. Archadeck of Maryland is able to offer homeowners the convenience of planned phased building. What this means is that you can begin your outdoor oasis with a deck or patio, and we can add to this primary outdoor structure according to what your comfort and budget will allow at various times. For instance, you may envision a deck with an outdoor kitchen or fireplace as well as a beautiful pergola. We can make that vision a reality by building the structures in phases, we can make sure the deck is built to be fireplace or outdoor kitchen ready. This means when you are ready, your primary structure is ready as well. Archadeck of Maryland makes certain that your primary structure will support those additional phases so as to make it easier for growth.

John Barrett Archadeck of MarylandIf you are ready to make your backyard dreams come true with a deck and pergola or patio and pergola combination, contact Archadeck of Maryland to learn more about these wonderful pairings and our phased building program. (301) 926 – 3001

You can also visit our photo gallery to see more breathtaking deck and pergola combinations at

Fiberon composite deck in Montgomery County MD


Fiberon composite deck with white railing by Archadeck of Maryland

In the world of decks composites are leading the way in strength, durability and aesthetic appeal. This deck and pergola combination by Archadeck of Maryland in no exception. This deck was built of Fiberon. Fiberon like other composite brands enjoys the benefits of low maintenance, fade and stain resistance, water and mildew resistance and hues that match the natural beauty of real wood.

Fiberon Horizon Ipe color decks Maryland

Fiberon Horizon decking board in Ipe color used by Archadeck of Maryland

Composite decks give you the freedom and flexibility to create a myriad of outdoor structures in all shape and sizes. Upkeep and maintenance on composite decks is limited to washing it twice a year to remove any dirt or pollen. This can usually be achieved with as little effort as sweeping.

Composites such as Fiberon are earth friendly as well, being constructed of recycled materials. You get a deck as strikingly beautiful as it is carefree deck!  Composite decking uses polymer technology and high density polyethylene resin.


Composite deck with pergola by Archadeck of Maryland

This particular construction is stunning with the contrast of the wood hues against the white railing. We also created separate spaces for grilling and entertaining by utilizing a step down area for these homeowners.  The pergola adds a design element and a defining focal point for the structure. This deck is definitely the place to be all season long.

John Barrett Archadeck of MarylandIf you are considering a deck in your near future, composites are a solid choice in decking. Give Archadeck of Maryland a call to design and construct your deck. We have many composite decking choices to choose from right at your fingertips. 301-926-3001