5 considerations when building a fire pit

Archadeck of Maryland outdoor space with gazebo, firepit, grill area, privacy fence and much more

This outdoor space has it all, a screened gazebo, fire pit and grill area all of which can add the utmost enjoyment during the fall months.

Fire pits are very popular right now and likely will be for many years to come. Here’s why. Fire pits not only add beauty and ambiance to our outdoor living areas but they are also more functional than you may realize. Here are 5 considerations if you’re thinking about adding a custom fire pit to your backyard living space.

1) Heat direction

Fire features are very popular in outdoor living environments. These can include anything from custom made fire pits to outdoor fireplaces to other outdoor fire features such as outdoor ovens. While these fire features add tremendous ambiance and are often the focal point of your custom outdoor environment, they also have the utilitarian benefit of providing heat. A fire pit radiates heat outward where a fireplace will direct the heat up through the flue. Think about the evenings you will spend outside and how many people want to convene around your outdoor fire feature. Consider whether you will want to roast marshmallows or just enjoy the vision of a roaring fire.

2) Placement

While fire pits do a great job of radiating heat out in all directions, they don’t need to be placed in the center of your outdoor living environment. Many customers decide to build the fire pit into the corner which provides more space for furniture or movement. This allows substantial space to sit in front of the fire pit while allowing more usable space for furniture and movement.

Maryland custom fire pit builder Archadeck of MD

This custom fire pit is built into the corner to allow for lots of seating area

3) Heat source

When you have your fire pit built, you will want to determine if you want to run gas to the fire pit as a heat source. Many fire pits these days don’t just burn logs. You will certainly want to think about running any lines to your fire pit before you build your patio or other structure that is the base of your fire pit. In fact, some of our customers know they will be building gas features in the future since they are building their outdoor living area in stages. You will want to ask your builder to run any gas and electrical lines you may need when they build the deck, patio, porch or other room.

Montgomery County MD fire pit with built in hardscapes

Montgomery County MD fire pit with built in hardscapes

4) Alternate uses

Fire pits look beautiful just by themselves but creative uses of them can make them even more beautiful. We can also equip them with gas and use glowing glass fire rock. The fire rocks come in lots of different colors, shapes and patterns. Also, in addition to having gas run to your fire pit, we can even  run water to the fire pit to use it as a water feature during the hot months of the year. We can put a drain and an exterior plug to the fire pit so you can use it as a planter during the warmer months.

Archadeck of Maryland fire pit seating wall

Archadeck of Maryland fire pit with seating wall

5) Custom built-in features

One of the benefits of building your custom outdoor living environment is you can add built-in features that add to the beauty as well as the functionality of the space. For example, a retaining wall can be built around the side of the fire pit which can also serve as benches. Flower boxes can be added to the seats. There are limitless opportunities to add custom features to make your customer fire pit exactly what your family needs.

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